The Artist


I am a self-representing abstract painter based in Yorkshire UK. Painting has always been on my mind or rather in my heart, but it really started as just a hobby in 2010 when my husband bought me a basic set of acrylics and brushes and some canvas textured paper.

I still remember how I instantly started painting and I knew that I just LOVE painting and everything about it, looking at it, reading about it, designing paintings, mixing colours, and most of all applying the colours, letting my creativity guide me and creating wonderful art.

Within a year I had a mini studio set up and more orders from friends and family 

that I could cope with. And here I am painting, making people happy by creating

original contemporary art.

Why abstract?

Abstract gives me the freedom to express myself. Rather than copying nature, I prefer to create 

fabulous designs purely from my imagination. It allows me to go as far as my creativity

takes me and there are no limits. I experiment a lot to challenge myself and to discover new ways of expression.

I love creating stunning designs for my clients to enjoy in their home or office. As I always paint from a place of love and freedom, each of my paintings holds a lot of emotion and passion for art.

I absolutely love doing commissions. The process of creating a custom painting is a very personal and thoughtful process. I really enjoy getting to know my clients and it gives me magnificent pleasure to create something truly special that they will look at every day. I take my time with these special pieces to ensure they fit in with my client's decor, personality and the feelings they want the painting to express. In the end of the day they will live with products of my imagination for years to come so it has to be perfect.
The Process
1.  Getting The Design Right            (This stage is with no obligations and free of charge)
  • I like to meet my clients in their home to be able to assess the space they would like to order a painting for. If I cannot see the space in person I would ask for photographs of the wall/space at different times of day to assess the light. I also like to have an idea of the room/office/space as a whole to be able to understand the decor, taste and personality of my clients. Skype is great tool if the clients cannot meet me or live further out of Leeds.
  • I always bring some samples with me to assess the light and to discuss potential ideas. If you like any of my paintings in the Gallery, I can bring a few paintings of your choice.
  • I like my clients to be as involved as they feel they want to be. Art is about feelings and I believe that when a painting is surrounded by wonderful feelings, it will be a wonderful addition to my client's home. You can tell me as little or as much as you want about the ideal piece for your home or office. I have worked with clients just giving me a size and some basic colour palette e.g. 'I really like deep reds', but I also worked with clients who chose the exact colours they wanted me to use and a combination of designs they like across my Gallery.
  • At the meeting we will agree:
    • Size
    • Colour palette (optional)
    • Design (optional). I often sketch my paintings first and I am happy to share the sketches with the clients prior to starting painting.
    • Any special requirements
    • Delivery date and delivery method. I can deliver it personally up to 25 miles within Leeds or I can pack it securely and post it to you. I have delivered paintings throughout the UK and Europe, distance is not a problem. Please check Postage and Packaging section for details.
    • Price and deposit you wish to pay (min 20%). Deposit can be payed at any time if you need some time to think. I will start the painting once I receive it. Please take your time.
2.   The Painting Process
  • I commence painting upon receiving the deposit. Completion usually takes between 2 and 4 weeks depending on the size and design.
  • I can send you photographic updates or you can see the finished product. If possible I will provide you with a short video montage of the stages of how I created your painting.
3.   Delivery
  • Once the painting is complete I will deliver it personally, you can pick it up from my studio or I can post it to you.
4.   Payment
  • You will receive an invoice with the painting, which will include all details on how to pay the remaining amount.